Wendy & Ashley Lane
Wendy & Ashley Lane

Luxury Normandy Voyages


Bonjour a Tous!! – We are self described Franco – Fanatics. Our names are Ashley and Wendy Lane. My husband, Ashley, is originally from southern England and I am of French Cajun heritage. We feel blessed to have the opportunity to share our passion for France with you. Ashley spent summers in France with school trips, and I fell madly in love with France from the moment I visited Ashley’s parents in Brittany twenty years ago. The French countryside cast its spell on us both on that first trip and we proceeded, despite our better judgment, to purchase a “Ruin”, consisting of a Barn and a Pig Sty that we renovated into a country home. It was a decision that we’ve never regretted, and have spent every summer deep in the French country side absorbing the “Joie de Vivre” of this incredible country. Because of our unbounded love for France, we knew, God willing, that we would want to spend more of our future here. Nine years ago, Ashley started the search for a larger property that would enable us to entertain in a more festive, grander style. So, after a three year search and then a six year renovation, VOILA…we are now truly Blessed to love and share our piece of the French countryside; “Château St. Cyr du Bailleul”.

When you are ready to travel abroad and see Normandy through a unique retreat experience, this is just the place to go! Reservations are now available.
Unlike any European experience you can find, our team has put tremendous effort into creating a memorable experience for you, your family, and friends by providing an all inclusive package which includes:
Luxury Mercedes for your journey to & from your hotel in Paris
Boutique Apartment Rental
Food & Beverages
Exclusive Local Tours