Choses à Faire

(Things to do!)
Attractions-2Sample Itinerary:
We can accommodate requested changes in itinerary.
Ex: Maybe an afternoon or whole day lounging in the garden drinking wine sounds perfect to you…
We Can Accommodate! 
Ex: Maybe a beach picnic is something your group desires…
We Can Accommodate!
ALL RESERVATIONS are made from Saturday to Saturday.
*We are Catholic and attend Mass on Sunday mornings. We would love for your party to join us.
Attractions-1Attractions :
One hour from the “Landing Beaches” of Normandy
One hour from Cancale, the Oyster Capital of the World
One hour from The American Cemetery and an abundance of Historical WWII Museums
45 minutes from Bayeux, home to the famous Bayeux Tapestry
45 minutes from Villedieu les Poeles, Center of Copper Metal Work and large Church Bells
40 minutes from Fougères, a Medieval City with the Largest Chateau Keep
30 minutes from Le Mont St. Michel, a World Heritage Site
20 minutes from Bagnoles de L’Orne, famous for its Spas since Middle Ages
15 minutes from Mortain home to the Petite and Grand Cascades, and Le Petite Chapel
10 minutes from the Medieval City of Domfront
10 minutes from the Natural Springs of Fosse Arthour
10 minutes from Multiple Calvados and Cider Farms